IMG_4482On April 14, 2016, Mark Iezza was successful in obtaining Summary Judgment on behalf of KHK’s clients, Rite Aid and two individually named supervisors, in Contra Costa County Superior Court.  In that matter, Vincent v. Rite Aid, Judge Jill Fannin dismissed all ten of Plaintiff’s causes of action.  Plaintiff, a cashier at a local retail store, claimed that Rite Aid wrongfully terminated her because of her race and for retaliation for taking FMLA leave.  She also claimed that two male supervisors falsely imprisoned her, assaulted and intentionally inflicted emotional distress upon her during an interview carried out in a theft investigation.  Plaintiff also brought causes of action for breach of contract, extortion and sought punitive damages.

Judge Fannin ruled that there were no triable issues of material fact as to any cause of action, and that Rite Aid and the two individually named defendants were entitled to a judgment as a matter of law.  Following the Court’s ruling, we are requesting over $21,000 in recoverable costs for our client.